I think I’ve found the end of the internet….

But really


(You are welcome)

I didn’t think it was possible, but as soon as I saw this I knew it would be pointless to scour the interwebs any longer.  Nothing else can compare to the majesty of this beautiful creation.

My roommate agreed with me.

Photoshopped or not this image is pure magic.   So magical in fact that I set out to understand Adobe photoshop for the first time ever, just so I could replace the transparent cat with our faces.  Say hello to our new Christmas card!


Coming to a mailbox near you this winter!

Tell me, what are some extremely weird, yet wonderful things you’ve discovered in cyberspace?

My bank account currently hates me

Why is that, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

So I have insomnia.  On a regular basis actually, and I don’t mean: “OMG, I like totally stayed up untill 1am watching Gossip Girl last night; my insomnia is soooo bad!”  I’m talking about how I lay in bed until 4am just staring into the abyss hoping I’ll fall asleep before sunrise.

So what does a sleepless girl do?  Look online at things she can’t afford (and watch the ending of Pitch Perfect over and over again), duh!

But hark!  What is upon my eyes at this late hour!?  None other than an AMAZING Urban Decay sale, that’s what!

I kind of have a thing for makeup.  (Like I said, my bank account and I are not on speaking terms at the moment.  I have a feeling that things might turn around once I get payed though.  *fingers crossed*)

So what did this late night splurge fest get me?  A whole lot of happiness! Or more specifically, this:


Mmmmm yes.

  • Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer in Halo
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Flipside
  • Urban Decay De Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray
  • M.A.C RiRi Woo (Just to round everything out, and it’s limited edition ya know)


I still can’t get to sleep at night, but at least my makeup will look good when I’m awake!

BGT (broke girl tip): Wait before you buy.  Not only to think about if you really need that item (or if your sleep deprivation is just blurring your desires), but sometimes it will literally pay off. When I filled my cart the night before I was going to only receive a small eye shadow sample with my purchase, but when I waited until the next day, for some reason I received the De Slick spray as well.  For free!  That little bottle is usually twelve dollars, on sale for six dollars, and I got it for free.  Whhhattttt.

Now for your viewing pleasure I give you swatches on my casper pale skin


(After taking this picture I tried to wash my arm, and I swear if that makeup had eyes it would stare at me like it wanted to test my IQ.  It was not coming off.  Duh, it’s long wearing!  It took a lot more than little water to get rid of it.)

Everything is just sooo pretty.  I tried out the tinted moisturizer as soon as I got it and I swear it felt like fluffy baby unicorns came down from the heavens to lick my face and give me an even complexion. Yeah, it was that magical. Hopefully the other products will be as equally full of wonder.

Have a wonderful night lovely strangers!  I’ll just be here….awake.

What are your late night vices? (Let’s try to keep our minds out of the gutter here people)



You know what the best part of waking up is?

No, it’s not Folgers in your cup, though that’s a pretty close second.  It’s waking up to find out you just won a free meal.  Specifically, this meal:

*Whispering:* Yessss, keep staring at the screen in jealousy.

So, apparently this a “thing” now, at least at this restaurant.  They just give away free food to random people who have really done nothing to deserve it.

And what did I NOT do to earn such a colorful gift you ask?  I liked them on Facebook.  Crazy right?  It’s kind of fate actually, because if there is one thing I’m good at it is Facebook.  I might even put that on my resume one day, but I’ll spruce it up to social media officiant, so people won’t look at me funny and think of me as the sad secluded online stalker that I am.

Ahem.  Anyways, what had happened was I stopped into this deli one day with my boyfriend for lunch, and I saw a sign that said: “Like us on Facebook!  For every ‘like’ we receive we’ll donate one dollar to the Susan Komen Race for the Cure Foundation!” I mean how cool is that?! I immediately whipped out my smartphone, ignoring my boyfriend’s disgruntled glares, (he has this thing about my iphone, something about me “never putting it down”) and liked this delicious and charitable restaurant on Facebook thinking nothing else of it.

Then the plot thickened (I’ve just always wanted to say that, you already know where this is going).  I started noticing that they had “fan appreciation day,” and thought “oh, well that’s nice.”  A few days after that I’m groggily scrolling through my phone right after waking up (cue boyfriend grumbling if he were there), and I see it.  I see the words.  The words that led me to deliciousness.  I’m the fan of the day, and I think “oh, well that’s nice (really guys, it’s hard to excite me, especially that early in the morning).”

I stumble out of my room, spot my roommate, and tell her about my new found riches expecting a similar response to my own, but what I got was pure unfiltered enthusiasm.Her glee quickly turned my apathy into ecstasy, and for the rest of the day I would greet people by saying “THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!” I even went as far to assume that I would never have to eat again, as evidenced by this text to my boyfriend:

(Pst, I’m not crazy, just a broke vegetarian)

As a side note, I should mention that I have had to eat again (bummer I know), and my father, while happy for me, hopes that I have better days in my future. Thanks Dad!

So to wrap this up, I hope you’ve learned a lot from this tale, specifically: Energy is contagious and free salads are better than no salads (cause I can’t afford to buy them).

Have a splendid day lovely strangers!

With relish,


PS: No worries, call off the search party, I got a new nose ring.  You can rest easy now.

So I think I lost the gem to my nose ring

And by think I mean I totally did.  It’s gone. Bring out the search parties!

And yes, I think this is a great way to start a blog.  We’re getting to know so much about each other already! You know I have a nose piercing, I know you’re reading this (hi!), it’s like we’re friends! (But not really, because we don’t even know each other’s names, so friendship is just a silly idea right now.  Don’t you dare show up at my house using this post as an excuse to be my bestie! Unless you bring cookies with you, then it’s okay).

Anyways back to the trauma that is my lack of bling:  I was just sitting on the couch watching Golden Girls when I decided to pick at my nose ring….again.  I pull it out and BAM! No sparkle, no shimmer, nothing.  My nose is  now lackluster.  Wouldn’t be so terrible except now it just looks like I have a massive blackhead on my nose.