So I think I lost the gem to my nose ring

And by think I mean I totally did.  It’s gone. Bring out the search parties!

And yes, I think this is a great way to start a blog.  We’re getting to know so much about each other already! You know I have a nose piercing, I know you’re reading this (hi!), it’s like we’re friends! (But not really, because we don’t even know each other’s names, so friendship is just a silly idea right now.  Don’t you dare show up at my house using this post as an excuse to be my bestie! Unless you bring cookies with you, then it’s okay).

Anyways back to the trauma that is my lack of bling:  I was just sitting on the couch watching Golden Girls when I decided to pick at my nose ring….again.  I pull it out and BAM! No sparkle, no shimmer, nothing.  My nose is  now lackluster.  Wouldn’t be so terrible except now it just looks like I have a massive blackhead on my nose.